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How to Start a Roastery

How to Start a Roastery

How to Start a Roastery



The is a great course for anyone considering opening their own micro-roaster, or wanting to gain some general experience in roasting.

What to expect:

This course is taught by Master Roaster Morten Münchow from Coffee Mind Copenhagen. 

Having practically written the book on roasting (or at the very least the SCA's), Morten is a highly regarded trainer and has been teaching at the LSC for over a decade.

As well as a specialist in roasting, Morten also lectures in Milk Chemistry and Gourmet Coffee: he is also very involved in research in the Specialty Coffee Industry.

The Full Roasting Week:

This course offers you the flexibility to either just attend the three day How to Start a Roastery course or to include the SCA foundation roasting course (day one) and intermediate exam (day five).

We do this so attendees can specify the course to their requirements.

For those signing up to the full roast week, discounts are available.

For more information regarding SCA Roasting Foundation Click here

For more information regarding SCA Roasting Intermediate exam Click here


Training will take place from 10 am to 4/5 pm each day - a light lunch is provided

Day one: SCA Roasting Foundation - *Not included, please purchase separately

Day two: roasting training and cupping 

Day three: coffee profiling and green buying

Day four: Equipment requirements and set up for your roastery 

Day five: SCA Roasting Intermediate exam - *Not included, please purchase separately

For more detailed regarding the course agenda, Please enquire.