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VRQ City & Guilds

VRQ City & Guilds



VRQ City & Guilds is a three-day course that offers comprehensive training and education in barista skills; as well as wider elements of the service industry. 

This course covers parts of the industry, product and service that so many baristas know little to nothing about. With this knowledge you not only have an incredible advantage, but you also have the official accreditation to work with some of the leading restaurants, bars and cafes in the industry.

You will study and learn about the following:

  • The origin of coffee, the plant, process and distribution across the globe.
  • Understanding the product, decaf, flavours and blending.
  • Espresso, learning about what makes the perfect shot of coffee.
  • Coffee grinders, learning how they work and how to work with them to make the perfect espresso.
  • How to steam milk, learn about how to produce micro-foam, the tiny bubbles that make a drink sweet, more-ish and delicious.
  • The coffee drinks menu, you will cover all the drinks and how to achieve a balanced taste, consistency and fantastic appearance when serving to your customer.
  • The origin of tea, from Green to Oolong, an essential area for baristas to know about, but often forgotten.
  • Filter coffee, the variety of brewing methods and the technique and taste behind them
  • Water quality and filtration, an integral part of the product and process that is important to understand.
  • Smoothies, recipes and technique will be covered.
  • The origin of cocoa, the plant, harvest and process that is involved in making chocolate
  • Professional customer service, looking at how to manage your customer's needs, requests, compliments and complaints.

The qualification you will receive is accredited by both City & Guilds and the BSA (Beverage Standards Association).

VAT inc. in pricing