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SCA Green Coffee Professional

SCA Green Coffee Professional

SCA Green Coffee Professional



This course is designed to build on the knowledge gained in the Green Coffee Intermediate course and prepares the student for managerial job functions found in the green coffee profession.

Location: Two half days Online, live using Microsoft Teams for theory and two full days at our Fulham Training Campus for practical skills.

Length: Four days in length, two of which are half days.

Max capacity: 6 people

What you need: Check here

What to expect:

This course is best for those already working in the area with a firm knowledge of the skills and Principles of Coffee Growing and Processing.

Integration of green coffee knowledge with that in other CDS modules including sensory and roasting are also expected.

Sustainability through the supply chain is a theme that runs through the whole module.

The course is broken down into the following areas: 

  • Cupping on the intensity of defects
  • Cupping to define the consistency of quality
  • Cupping for the evaluation of the freshness of the sample and the harvest year
  • Create a coffee/blend that meets the customer's requests. The blend matching
  • Manage a blend such as crops and stocks. The complementary coffees
  • Sorting and cupping a specialty coffee with the SCA tasting card
  • Definition of the price of the latter coffee

 Course Breakdown:



Prerequisites for this module of the CDS are Sensory Intermediate and Green Coffee Intermediate.


The course provides you with the key information to enable you to sit your Professional Level Green Coffee qualification which consists of several practice exams and an extensive written exam (35 questions with a pass rate of 80%)


Successful completion of the Professional course will result in 25 points gained towards the SCA diploma.

Unlimited access to the LSC Online Community* to enable you to continue to grow your knowledge in a fun, supportive online environment. You will also be provided with a training kit to use during your online training.

Still not sure? Well here is why we think you should choose London School of Coffee Online?

- Experience the same high-quality training, as delivered at our venue in London, with the same trainers, from the comfort of your home
- All training will always be live, not pre-recorded
- Training kit provided to all students, ready for your online participation
- Free unlimited access to our online community, where you will find further reading, group chats and resources
- Free access to our training site in London for our ‘Practice Sessions’ (once we re-open the school)

Pricing includes VAT, and the SCA examinations and certification.
Please be aware that for non-UK students, we may require you to cover part of the shipping cost in order to send the training kit.
For non-UK students, please do not book onto a course if the course is in under a week's time.
we require at least 7 days prior to the course taking place to send out the necessary training kit. 
For Q&A’s regarding pricing, equipment and access to resources, click here.

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