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How Does Online Training Work? 

London School of Coffee have worked hard to create a learning experience for students. As the world moves towards a ‘new normal’, we wanted to help continue to facilitate learning in a safe and fun environment. Therefore, when you sign up to learn with us online, you will be added to the LSC learning area where you are free to explore resources, introduce yourself and start to chat with your fellow students (and course instructor).

Your online live training sessions, will then be delivered via the same platform at the times allocated on the original booking.


Why Are You Charging The Same Price For Online Training?

It seems only fair that people question the cost involved for online training. At first glance, it seems as though it’s a much cheaper way to deliver training, so surely that should be reflected in the course cost?

 At LSC, we have made the decision to maintain the level of professionalism that we are famed for, world over. Instead of ‘cutting corners’ by pre-recording and emailing out links, we have invested in providing the highest quality we can.

We will still be using the same trainers, delivering the same knowledge. So, instead of trying to sell our training cheap, in what would inevitably only end up as a race to the bottom,  we have done what we do best – we have added value.

Some of the ways we have done that are by;

  • Investing in quality equipment (so that sound and visual quality is the best we can provide) during our online training
  • Creating a life-long learning space for students, so your learning can continue long after the course ends
  • Providing a ‘training kit’ – which will be sent to you ahead of the course starting, to enable you to participate in fun activities from home/work
  • Providing free-to-attend in person sessions at our training school in Fulham. Allowing you to pre-book a session so you can come along and practice your skills, using our state-of-the art equipment!

 So, when you sign up to learn online with London School of Coffee, it is about much more than just ‘one-off’ training. It’s about starting (or continuing) your career in coffee in one of the longest established coffee training schools in the world.


What’s This About Free Training Sessions in Fulham?

We know what a challenge it is to take a predominantly practical curriculum and model it into an online one. Becoming a Barista or Brewer for example require hours of practise behind a machine.

So, in order to allow us to teach both certified and non-certified training in a thorough way, we decided to introduce weekly* sessions that will be completely free for LSC students to book. This will enable you to attend our beautiful, well equipped school, and practise the skills you have been theoretically learning.
We can’t expect you to have an espresso machine and grinder at home, so instead we want you to use ours…

 *Weekly sessions will not be bookable until LSC deem it safe to re-open the school. However, the invitation will be extended to all online students once available. A maximum of two free sessions will be available, per student per course.


What Equipment Will I Need?

To partake in the online training courses, you will need:

  • use of a computer
  • internet access
  • be logged in to the training team online (we’ll provide you all the info you need once you’ve signed up)
  • printed workbook (which we provide in your online resources) or, alternatively, a pen and paper
  • LSC will send you a kit for you to use during your training (as instructed by your course trainer), so you will NOT need to purchase any coffee equipment. The cost for this is included in your course fee

Please note, for the SCA Barista Foundation Course you do NOT need a home espresso machine or Grinder.

For SCA Foundation Brewing, students WILL require a cafetiere or an immersion brewer