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The LSC is the UK's longest running coffee training facility

For over 17 years, we have been helping to improve all aspects of the UK coffee industry. From how to pour the perfect latte, to making sure your green buying aspects are sustainable; the London School of Coffees team of expert trainers will help you achieve your potential. 

As one of the few companies who have invested in a state-of-the-art cupping and training facility well-within the M25; with some of the most skilled trainers in the industry, we are uniquely situated to make your coffee aspirations a reality.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide and varied range of courses at competitive rates, from classes tailored to the home enthusiast who wants to brew a perfect morning cup, through to classes for large corporate businesses intent on improving the quality of their coffee offerings.

Our international trainers are experts at the top of their field and are committed to sharing their experience and knowledge with their students.

Our new SCA premier training Campus in Fulham was opened in 2019 and with the help of our partners; we are one of the top training facilities in the world.