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Latte Art Workshop - ideal for home enthusiast or working Barista

Latte Art Workshop - ideal for home enthusiast or working Barista

Latte Art Workshop - ideal for home enthusiast or working Barista



Our standard Latte Art course is designed for up to 2 persons, and the fee is £150 per person. If you opt for a private session for two people, the cost is £300, inclusive of VAT.

We also have options for small groups and 1 person private sessions.

    • Single Booking:
      • Cost: £150 (including VAT)
      • If you choose to book only one space, please note that you will be joined by another attendee to make up the group.
    • Private Session (2 People):
      • Cost: £300 (including VAT)
      • Enjoy an exclusive private session for you and a companion.
      • Please book two spaces.
    • Small Group Booking:
      • Cost: £400 (including VAT)
      • this is a workshop for up to 4 attendees.  Please contact us before booking as we may have more flexibility with dates. info@londonschoolofcoffee.com 

    This is a beginner class so if you are more advanced please let us know.

    • Private Session for one person:
      • Cost: £250 (including VAT)
      • If you would like a private course just for yourself, or you are looking for a more advanced latte art session.  Before booking please email us so we can advise on dates for this type of session. - info@londonschoolofcoffee.com

    If you're looking to impress friends and family or improve your technique, look no further as Latte Art Champion & SCA Barista Judge Heidi Philip-Smith is here to help! - this course is ideal for the home enthusiast.  If you are looking for a more advanced level latte art workshop please email us first for dates before booking.

    We offer weekday, weekends and some evening workshops.

    Location: Face to Face training at our Training Room in Wandsworth SW18 4LY.  

    Length: 2 hour workshop for covering just latte Art - £125 +vat.

    choose dates from options in the dropdown bar when purchasing.

    Max capacity:  - max of 2 attendees per workshop-  (also available for private groups of up to 4 students - we will give dates & price on request).  

    What to expect: 

    Step by step through your milk preparation and free pouring techniques.

    In this session you will cover:

    • The Do’s and don'ts of steaming milk.
    • Understanding pouring techniques.
    • Learning basic patterns, including; hearts, rosettas and tulips.

    If there are any other areas you would like to cover, we are happy to adapt the training to whatever suits you.

    If you are a private group we can be very flexible with dates so please just contact us at, the London School of Coffee for further details click here and enquire to find out more.

      Pricing includes VAT.

      For Q&A’s regarding pricing, equipment and access to resources, click here.

      *Terms Apply