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SCA Introduction to Coffee Online

SCA Introduction to Coffee Online

SCA Introduction to Coffee Online



The half-day SCA Introduction to Coffee is ideal if you are new to the industry or looking to get an overview to start your career.

This introductory course is designed to give you a taste of the SCA Modules; Green Coffee, Sensory, Roasting, Brewing and Barista

Our experienced authorised SCA trainers will cover:

  • Coffees journey from Ethiopia through to the major commodity it is today
  • Processing at origin, through to how the roaster develops flavours.
  • Brewing methods and extraction theory
  • How to 'cup coffees' and taste the various different flavours. 

There will be a short practical and written exam with a pass rate of 60% - If successful you will be awarded 10 points towards your Diploma.

Pricing includes VAT, cost of domestic shipping of the training kit and the SCA examinations and certification

Please be aware that for non-UK students, we may require you to cover part of the shipping cost in order to send the training kit.

For non-UK students, please do not book onto a course if the course is in under a week's time.

we require at least 7 days prior to the course taking place to send out the necessary training kit. 

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