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How to Start a Coffee Shop Online

How to Start a Coffee Shop Online

How to Start a Coffee Shop Online



This course is two half days in length.

It will provide you with the comprehensive information you need to open and run a successful coffee shop. From sourcing equipment, finding a site and food safety considerations, this course is essential for those starting out in the retail industry.

You will learn how to:

  • Find a site, the benefits of locations and competitors in a local area
  • Perform competitor research and develop a USP for your company
  • Build a customer profile to lead your stockists, menu, design and operations
  • Understand what to look out for in retail, and analyse the risks and issues
  • Select equipment you will need, the right tool for the job
  • Learn how to manage ordering, stockists, lead-times, bulk orders, shelf life etc
  • Understand marketing & branding, how it affects your business and when to do it
  • Plan your launch, and how will your customers know your open
  • Take into consideration health & safety essentials
  • Train your staff and organise working hours and methods
  • Maintain your equipment and look after your stock
  • This online course now offers a bonus session where we discuss the current Covid-19 situation and ideas to support your fledgling business

What to expect:

2 half days of online training on day 1 and day 3. Day 2 is left free for revision and to formulate any questions you may have.

Unlimited access to the LSC Online Community* terms apply to enable you to grow your learning in a fun, supportive online environment.

We have designed this course to give you the perfect mix of technical knowledge to set up a cafe that is going to stand out from the mainstream competitors.

It is not focused around bottom line profits; it is, however, focused around understanding techniques that have been used to develop some of the most successful cafes in the UK.

For Q&A’s regarding pricing, equipment and access to resources, click here.

VAT included

*Terms Apply