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Masterclass Sensory Foundation

Masterclass Sensory Foundation

Masterclass Sensory Foundation



Sensory Foundation Course. Great for beginners and anyone wanting to learn sensory skills.  Our SCA Foundation course is on hold at the moment due to some changes to the forms and criteria with the SCA.  So in the meantime we are offering our London School of Coffee Sensory Foundation Master Class.  This is a great course for anyone involved in coffee or who has an interest in Sensory skills - just come along and have a great learning experience.

Here on the sensory foundation course we aim to provide you with both theory and practical skills.  So in the morning we start with a some theory on how we actually taste which leads us nicely into some fun practical activities! 

You will learn the five basic tastes and how to distinguish each one, followed by fragrance identification using the le nez cafe kit! 

Then in the afternoon session we put into practice what we have learnt and start to analyse coffee samples by following a cupping protocol we can then distinguish aroma & flavour differences in our coffee samples.

By the end you should feel confident in your coffee tasting skills and put it into practice at home and when selecting coffees. 

This course is available in-house at our training facility in Wandsworth.  Its a one day course from 10am to 4:30/5pm

Course size approximately: 6 people

What you'll learn:

-Fundamental sensory physiology

-Basic tastes and aroma recognition

-Concepts of Mouthfeel

-How to apply key sensory concepts to the evaluation of the coffee’s intrinsic characteristics

-How to use professional terminology to differentiate between coffees

We are able to make this course more cost effective as it is not an SCA course with the additional fees for exams and student enrolment.

*Terms Apply