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SCA Roasting Intermediate

SCA Roasting Intermediate

SCA Roasting Intermediate



SCA Roasting Intermediate.

The course starts with a more detailed understanding of the roasting process. 


What to expect:

This course will be taught by Jamie Banwell. 

Jamie has been an SCA qualified roasting trainer for 10 years and a Diedrich Master Trainer for 12 years. Jamie is a Q Grader, formerly a UKBC and WBC Judge and currently a judge for regional roasting competitions: he also has a BEng in Engineering in Civil Engineering from the UMIST.

Initially, Jamie was a distributor for Diedrich in the UK, but since July 2018, Jamie is Director of European Sales for Diedrich Roasters, responsible for training and many other areas.

What you'll learn:

This course will provide you with a more in depth understanding of the roasting process and how different methods of heat transfer affect the roasting process in various ways. You will also see how alternative roast profiles lead to varied sensory expressions for the same coffee, even at the same roast degree. You will also learn about roast defects and how to avoid them and you will be introduced to the basic physical changes that the beans undergo during the roasting process. Finally, there is a small appendix about workspace management and lean production. It is recommended that you have some experience of working in this field before attempting this level or have successfully passed Roasting Foundation.

In addition there will be a lecture on green buying and sourcing with an opportunity to cup a selection of unique coffees from a Specialty Coffee Merchant with a brief introduction and explanation of the SCA scoring sheet.

This course is suitable for roasters who have passed the foundation level and have some roasting knowledge/experience.

2 Day Course from 9.30 - 5/6 pm 

Successful completion of the Intermediate course will result in 10 points gained towards the SCA diploma.

Pricing includes VAT, the SCA examinations and certification