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SCA Roasting Professional/Advanced Roasting Training - Morten Munchow

SCA Roasting Professional/Advanced Roasting Training  - Morten Munchow

SCA Roasting Professional/Advanced Roasting Training - Morten Munchow



SCA Roasting Professional with Integrated Scientific Sensory Skills Assessment

You are welcome to attend the course without taking the SCA exams. exam fees will be deducted.  - please email gayle@londonschoolofcoffee.com to apply.

If you're an Ambitious Coffee Roaster who wants to become a respected and self-confident coffee roaster, serve your customers well, and even run a successful business... then "SCA Roasting Professional with Integrated Scientific Sensory Skills Assessment" from Coffee Roasting education expert, Morten Münchow, is the most critical Course you can find to get you there!

Morten was the lead creator of the SCA Roasting curriculum from 2013-2018 but has since he stopped in 2018 worked intensely on 

to provide a broader yet simpler, more coherent framework and more result-efficient than what is presented in the SCA curriculum itself (even though the SCA curriculum is also fully included in this course)

So be ready to acquire the 

SCA Roasting Professional curriculum + CoffeeMind proprietary approach to coffee roasting, which incorporates state-of-the-art 

  • Process engineering (simplicity and focus on the few things that matter and forget the rest)
  • Consumer science (build your organization around your chosen customer segment based on how you have decided you want to live your life as a CoffeePreneur)
  • Sensory science (quantitative feedback and variation analysis of your sensory scoring skills across basic taste and aroma categories)
  • Lean production methodology

"SCA Roasting Professional with Sensory Performance"

Will give you

  • What every Ambitious Coffee Roaster needs to know about getting your skills and knowledge on coffee roasting to the highest level aligned with scientific practices.
  • The Real Secret to becoming completely confident about coffee roasting.
  • See how you can quickly become a respected and self-confident coffee roaster (so that you know what to do and why to do it, not just because ‘somebody told you’).
  • Run a successful business without worrying that customers and peers don't like your coffee.
  • Short and long-term solutions for making roast profiles without all the uncertainty.
  • Quickly get a rock-solid and relevant Quality Control method with minimum waste because you make decisions based on the latest scientific findings in coffee roasting research.
  • Understand your personal strengths and weaknesses in sensory evaluation of roast profile modulation... which means you never again have to experience feeling stuck with nowhere to go for advice that will truly make me a successful coffee roaster.
  • And, as a special bonus, you'll also discover a scientific method to distinguish between facts and fiction regarding coffee roasting and sensory skills advice so that you can keep your mind focused and clean when looking for knowledge and skills in the future!

... and much, MUCH More!

"SCA Roasting Professional with Sensory Performance" includes

6 days of training of which

  •  2 day is elearning  (6 hours of e-learning about Roast Profile Design 2 hours of e-learning about Sensory Skills training) and 5 hours of SCA Roasting Professional curriculum.
  •  4 days on site theory and hands on roasting and sensory skills assessment with Morten Münchow

The sensory skills assessment is taken from Ida Steens groundbreaking research in sensory learning

A printed copy of

  • CoffeeMind's collection of 13 scientifically published papers
  • CoffeeMind's Flavour wheel in B2 poster format

Digital files

  • 3D print file CoffeeMind's Color Palette
  • CoffeeMind's Flavour wheel in high resolution pdf format

You'll Start Seeing Results In 4 Days

So if you're an experienced coffee roaster who dreams about acquiring skills and knowledge to the absolute highest international standards and who is serious about becoming completely confident about coffee roasting, here's why you can't wait, and you need to act on this right now.

  • get rid of all the insecurity now and get confidence based on a scientific approach to coffee roasting
  • all your product development and quality control processes and decisions rest on using the correct methodology
  • your company could be a science-based organization with minimal waste of time and disappointed customers after implementing what you learn during these 4 days

Get Started Right Now

So go ahead, find the date that suits you, and secure your seat, and you're well on your way to become the coffee roasting expert you dream about.

SCA Prerequisite for Roasting Professional is as follows: - If you don’t have the following but regularly cup so have good sensory skills please still enquire.

SCA Roasting Intermediate level, SCA Sensory Intermediate level, SCA Green Intermediate Level

Our Professional courses includes the SCA Certification fee.  However, you are required to pay a additional Euro50. SCA Student enrolment fee direct to the SCA. (details of how to register and pay will be provided by the SCA when you book).