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SCA Roasting Professional/Advanced Roasting Training - Morten Munchow

SCA Roasting Professional/Advanced Roasting Training  - Morten Munchow

SCA Roasting Professional/Advanced Roasting Training - Morten Munchow



The SCA Roasting Professional course gives you everything you need to become a master roaster. Here you will learn the skills you need as a manager to plan and execute quality control.

You can attend just the advanced roasting training over four days without the exam if you prefer. contact gayle@londonschoolofcoffee.com for costs without the exam.

Course Objectives:

  • Ability to control and match the colour within different and specified time limits
  • Identity by visual assessment of different roast colours
  • Identify by sensory analysis of different roasting profiles of the same colour with varying development time and rate of change by using the official roasting evaluation form.
  • Create, discuss and analyse profiles using terminology from the keyword list
  • Configuration and use of roast profile software
  • Perform calculation on the rate of change on a known roast curve
  • Understand and analyse roasting operation using workflow optimization methods including LEAN production and PIC concepts
  • Describe the tow main browning reactions in terms of sequence and flavour development and which basic molecules are involved in the different browning reactions
  • Explain the principles of heat transfer, how the heat enters and distributes inside the bean and how they are generally applied to the roasting process
  • Describe how/which types of heat transfer are adjustable during the roasting process including different roasting technologies
  • Visual identification of roasting defects on bean and/or pictures. Scorching, Tipping and facing
  • Shelf life: Degassing and valves.  Barrier material.  Flushing. Grinding
  • Blending: Pre/post considerations, bean selection, number of components, product purpose (espresso, filter, milk, sugar)


  • Green coffee selection
  • Roast profile evaluation. The roast profile evaluation form
  • Quality control methods (In/out, triangulation)
  • Downstream quality control

CHEMICAL and Physical transformations:

  • Describe Green coffee chemistry and the relevant transformations during roasting
  • Describe the chemical differences of processing methods during roasting and how they impact on colour and flavour.
  • Gas formation
  • Acid degradation and formation
  • Physical reasons for solubility
  • Chemical reason for solubility
  • Chemical causes of roast colour and its importance.

SCA Roasting Professional course – 24 hours training required over 4 days

SCA Prerequisite for Roasting Professional is as follows: - If you don’t have the following but regularly cup so have good sensory skills please still enquire.

SCA Roasting Intermediate level

SCA Sensory Intermediate level

SCA Green Intermediate Level

Our Professional courses includes the SCA Certification fee.  However, you are required to pay a additional Euro50. SCA Student enrolment fee direct to the SCA. (details of how to register and pay will be provided by the SCA when you book). 


Pricing includes VAT.