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SCA Sensory Foundation Online

SCA Sensory Foundation Online

SCA Sensory Foundation Online



This is a beginner's course to cover the essentials of sensory evaluation. Students are taught practical skills balanced with theoretical concepts.

LSC like to include in this training a sensory kit which you can use alongside your training.  We need to stress that this kit is not a requirement to attend the course.  If you are wishing to attend from Europe or around the world you can still do so but you wont receive a training kit as deliveries have been to unpredictable. If in the UK you will be sent the kit which contains some roasted ground coffee, solutions and aromas. (the kit is just an additional resource)

Location: Online, live using Microsoft Teams.

Length: Two x half days in length.

Max capacity: 8 people

Our Foundation course includes the SCA Certification fee.  However, you are required to pay a additional E50 SCA Student enrolment fee direct to the SCA. (details of how to register and pay this will be provided)

What you'll learn:

-Fundamental sensory physiology

-Basic tastes and aroma recognition

-Concepts of Mouthfeel

-How to apply key sensory concepts to the evaluation of the coffee’s intrinsic characteristics

-How to use professional terminology to differentiate between coffees


This course also has a written exam which should be completed within 21 days of the course completion. (Full information on how to do this will be provided).

If successful, you will gain 5 points towards your diploma.

After the course you will have unlimited access to the LSC Online Community* terms apply to enable you to continue to grow your knowledge in a fun, supportive online environment. You will also be provided with a training kit to use during your online training.

Still not sure? Well here is why we think you should choose London School of Coffee Online?

- Experience the same high-quality training, as delivered at our venue in London, with the same trainers, from the comfort of your home

- All training will always be live, not pre-recorded

- If in the UK a Training kit will be provided, for you to enhance your learning experience. (this is not required to take the course)

- Free unlimited access to our online community, where you will find further reading, group chats and resources


Pricing includes VAT, cost of domestic shipping to UK.
Please be aware that for non-UK students, will not receive the training kit - this is an addition that we provide but is not required to attend the course.
For Q&A’s regarding pricing, equipment and access to resources, click here.

*Terms Apply