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SCA Sensory Foundation Online

SCA Sensory Foundation Online

SCA Sensory Foundation Online



This is a beginner's introduction course to cover the essentials of sensory evaluation. Students are taught practical skills balanced with theoretical concepts.

What you'll learn:

  • Fundamental sensory physiology
  • Basic tastes and aroma recognition
  • Concepts of Mouthfeel
  • How to apply key sensory concepts to the evaluation of the coffee’s intrinsic characteristics.
  • How to use professional terminology to differentiate between coffees

What to expect:

2 half days of online training. Unlimited access to the LSC Online Community* terms apply to enable you to continue to grow your knowledge in a fun, supportive online environment. You will also be provided with a training kit to use during your online training.

Class begins online at 10am and will finish by 2pm on both days

Day 1 Session:  Modules 1-4

Day 2 No Session: This day is free for practice, allowing you to return with questions on day 3.

Day 3 Session: Modules 5-8 plus questions

This course also has a written exam which should be completed within 21 days of the course completion. (Full information on how to do this will be provided).

If successful, you will gain 5 points towards your diploma.

Pricing includes VAT, the SCA examinations and certification

For Q&A’s regarding pricing, equipment and access to resources, click here.

*Terms Apply