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SCA Barista Professional

SCA Barista Professional

SCA Barista Professional



This course looks at the science of how espresso extracts and how to use this knowledge to get the most from beans of different styles.

This advanced barista course is available upon request

What to expect:

Coffee contains many possible flavours, aromas and textures due to the complex range of acids, sugars and bitter compounds it contains. Every bean offers different possibilities to the barista based on its variety, origin, processing and roast. However, it is up to the barista to unlock this potential using the tools at their disposal. Such as dose, grind texture, water temperature and quantity and pressure.

This course aims to look at modern ways of evaluating extraction through measuring:

  • TDS
  • extraction percentages
  • How to relay these findings through espresso brew formulas.

On the day:

This course is 3-days in length - a light lunch will be provided.

Training will be from 10 am to 5:30 pm/6 pm 

Successful completion will result in 25 points gained towards the SCA diploma.